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Who We Are
The AM Flatland Circuit was established in 2010 as an annual series of flatland competitions throughout North America. The circuit is based on a points series format similar to events like Dew Tour and Street League Skateboarding. At the end of the year an overall champion is crowned in each of the four classes including pro, expert, novice, and veteran.

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The Rules
The 2015 AM Flatland Circuit will feature 4 events. The best 3 scores will be used toward your year end points total. This method is being used to help create a more even and fair playing field.

The AM Flatland Circuit uses a unique point system to rank riders throughout the circuit. There are no separate fees or requirements to be a part of the series. Simply by entering each round makes you a part of the circuit. After researching different ranking systems throughout BMX as well as other professional sports, we feel we have come up with a fair and unique system.

Description: Each round’s results will be based on a 100-point system, decending by 5 points through the top 15 riders. Riders placing 16th and beyond will be given base points just for competing. Bonus points will be awarded as well, and will be based on the amount of riders who compete at an event. For example: If 30 riders compete in an event, you will be given your base points according to your final placing, plus 1 point for every rider you place above. So, 1st place would receive 100 base pts + 29 bonus pts for a total of 129 points, 2nd place would receive 123 points, 3rd place would receive 117 points, and so on. The more riders who compete in an event, the more points the event is worth to you.


Base Points


2 95
3 90
4 85
5 80
6 75
7 70
8 65
9 60
10 55
11 50
12 45
13 40
14 35
15 30
16-99 25


If you have any question about the rules or ranking system please feel free to contact us info@amflatlandcircuit.com

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