Round 1 is finished! Check out the Photo Gallery, Results and Contest Report! 

Round 1
March 1-3, 2013
CFO’s Flatland Unlimited 9
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Location: Better Living Center at Exhibition Place
100 Manitoba Drive
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada


2013 Round 1 Flier

How the contest will run…
Entry Fees:
Veteran, Novice, Expert – $50
Pro – $100

$4000 pro purse
Product prizes for Ams

Stephen Royer
Simon Marsan
Brandon Fenton
(mystery guest to-be-announced soon)

Here’s what to expect…
The event is actually the Toronto International Bicycle Show – an annual tradeshow in a huge convention hall with tons of exhibitors. There are several live events housed inside. There’s a trials thing, a park contest with guys like Drew Bezanson, and the flatland contest which is put on by The Canadian Freestyle Organization. The name of the flatland contest is Flatland Unlimited 9. When you get to the exhibition hall, just follow the myriad signs for the bike show. When you get to the ticket counter, tell them you’re there for the flatland BMX contest and they’ll direct you around the building to a rear entrance. When you get to that rear entrance you’ll see the registration desk. Bring cash. They usually take both Canadian and US currency. If you get lost or uncertain at any time just walk up to a door and ask one of the security guards.  This is your chance to be helped by a security guard so be psyched on that. Once you’re in just follow the directions from the guys at the registration desk. The contest area is on the perimeter of the inside. You’ll see some bleachers, a bunch of flatlanders, some pop tents with logos and a painted concrete floor that was mopped with soda pop.

Here’s a Google Map. Use it to get directions…

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Here are the results from this year…
1 Jean-William Prevost
2 Sam Foakes
3 Terry Adams
4 Dominik Nekolny
5 Jean-Francois Boulianne
6 Percy Marshall
7 James White
8 James McGraw
9 Bo Wade
10 Esteban Palencia
11 Tyler Gilliard
12 Prasheel Gopal
13 Mark Kuhlmann

1 Ron Monis
2 Todd Carter
3 Bryan Huffman
4 Steve Jordan
5 Adam Pergentile
6 Trevor Oleniuk
7 Jeff Brown
8 Marty Clark
9 Joe Cicman
10 Kevin Gallien
11 Shaun Lapsley
12 Johann Chan
13 Roy deGuzman
14 Steve Lapsley
15 Jesse Murrin
16 Paul Igwe
17 Keith Harrison

1 Eric Favot
2 Rebecca Pergentile
3 Paula Callery
4 Andrew Sheltraw
5 Kevin Washington
6 Bri-Jon Dodington

1 Steve Bergeron
2 Tony Strickler
3 Brian Gavagan
4 Derek Callendar
5 Mark McGrade
6 Justin Eastman
7 Steve Dodson
8 Craig Gaudet

Here is the media from this year…

Jean-William Prevost took home 1st place

Sam Foakes took home 2nd place

Terry Adams took home 3rd place

Here is the media from last year…
Check out the riding space, the crowd, and the vibe.

Moto Sasaki was the winner in 2012′s pro class. Here’s his first finals run.

Dominik Nekolny took 2nd in 2012′s pro class. Here’s his first finals run.

Jean-Francois Boulianne took 3nd in 2012′s pro class. Here’s his first finals run.

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