Round 4: “Guru Jam 2013″
October 26, 2013
Columbus, Ohio USA

Location:The Terradome
664 North James Road
Columbus, Ohio

Here’s what to expect…
Everybody’s favorite, Catfish (AKA Zack Yankush), will be the MC for the event. Make it a point to come and say hi while he’s in The States, and go buy Season 1 and Season 2 of his Strangers in Danger TV show!

The TerraDome is a private training facility located right by the Columbus airport (CMH). Originally constructed for an airline maintenance business, its fate was altered around 2009 when FAA regulations changed such that to clean a plane, the plane had to be in the facility. Since it was constructed to receive parts for cleaning and re-machining, the business had to move, leaving this glorious flatland paradise vacant for 3 years until an ambitious crew from central Ohio (following a tip from the good people at The Flow) breathed new life into it.

The pro finals will be a ticketed event, echoing Voodoo Jam. The entire event will be webcast so that friends around the world can all be together for the event.

As more details are finalized, we’ll update this page. If you ever have any questions, you can LIKE the AMFLT page on Facebook and ask us:

Expect Fun!


Here’s a Google Map. Use it to get directions…

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