A Critical Overview of Flatland Circuit

It is well said that excess of everything is bad. Despite the advantages of cycling, there are few disadvantages too. People stick to the flatland circuit rounds set their minds towards stunts. They feel that it is very easy to perform. As they are out of practice and get injuries. Some disadvantages of flat land circuits are listed below.

Performing the stunts on roads:

People start following the stunts on the highways where they are sharing the roads with cars and other heavy traffic. They do not care for the lane they are using. So, they mostly hit with the other traffic.

Not following safety precautions

Performers are well trained and perform their stunts in the controlled conditions. Normally, people do not use safety precautions such as wearing a helmet, wearing proper shoes, elbows knees and other useful appliances. When they do not follow the standards, they got fined and road accidents.

Difference between indoor and outdoor

These stunts are performed on the specifically designed place. But people encouraged themselves and run their bikes outdoors, where they have to fight with weather conditions. If these are not favourable for cycling, then it is difficult and even impossible to travel on bikes.

Expenses with Biking:

Having a new bike is not a cheap way. Its maintenance costs too much. If It becomes a habit, then it is very difficult for a person who has a very limited source of income.

Social network

A cyclist has a social network of their own. Which uses to travel from one place to another that ruined their social life. This hectic way of cycling makes them limited to this profession only.

Time wasting

Tight scheduling and tough routines make them busy all the time. It is known that excess of everything is bad, so this routine makes it difficult to carry other life duties.

Too much tough schedule

For moderate people, it is only a dream that never comes true. It is not only expensive but also very tough routine for the person who is physically weak. It hurts the feelings of those who are not capable of performing.

Player’s conflicts

Players have conflicts among each other that are engaged in the competition environment. They forget humanity and the rights of mankind, which is a feature of a well-mannered person.

As a sport or entertainment, it is good to be a part of BMX flatland circuits. This race has mannered sequence e.g. it has levels like Beginners, Intermediate and advanced. The new learner is kept at the first level where he got the training sessions and after getting the proper training the trainers level is upgraded to the next level. Where the trainer checks the capability and skills that a trainee has, then on the basis of their skills, the level is upgraded or remained at that level. If the process is followed in a proper sequence, then this event is useful otherwise the above-mentioned problems occur.

It is the individual’s mindset that how they are acting upon after watching the stunt players performance. Either they got mad to achieve the targets to use short cuts and got troubled, either On the other hand they may get a good decision and join the stages and practice sessions to be a professional and entertain the world.