Best Hiking Spots in The World!!

Life is so changed that people are turned into machines and totally different in nowadays technology time. Still, there are people who love sports in free time, especially thrilling and challenging sports which really make us on toes


Gadgets which a must-have !!

  1. the victorious huntsman swiss army knife
  2. Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire GPS watch
  3. Solar charger power bank
  4. Light my fire titanium spark
  5. Sunnto M-3 G PRO compass. 


 It is a cardio workout which benefits the following:

  1. It decreases the risk of heart disease.
  2. Blood sugar and blood pressure are well leveled.
  3. It boosts bone density as it is a walking exercise.
  4. It helps bones to be strong especially lower hip and lower legs area.
  5. It strengths the cores and the body gets toned up.

For a regular hiking surfer, it regulates blood pressure, lowers cholesterol level and strengthens body and muscles. It is widely famous and interesting and well likely to be a hobby of people who love thrills.

If you want to enjoy a good hike, have a company of friends or family and give it a try.

Get ready with long boots and easy clothes to go hiking in the best spots in the world with me… Yah the journey begins now..!! Have your gadgets with you

  1. Pennine way, united kingdom!!

Its 3 weeks journey from the peak. It stretches over wild moorland east of Manchester.its most famous long-distance walk path of Manchester for hiking. It passes from Derbyshire peak district to the Scottish Borders.

It’s for camping outdoor enthusiasts who can take care of sever weather of great British.m Georgia to Maine.

2. Camio De Satiago De Compostela, Spain!!

Its 11 days trip while staying at boutique inn passing through GALICIA. 

It’s not a straight path. The Camino is also known as the Way of St. James. Is pilgrimage routes which all end at the shrine of the apostle St. James in the Cathedral.


It stretches from Georgia to is 2200 miles long and the world’s longest hiking footpath.

It’s that classic route which looks for vacation allowances to spend a nice time here.

It can be covered alone as campsites and other arrangements are done but for companions its better to enjoy too with pre-booked lodge accommodation with lunches offered at best viewpoint of spectacular Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.


this route was taken by poet Matsuo Basho over 300 years ago. It is followed by temples and cities. It’s a self-guided trip.

Its 6-day trip passing from the northern Tohoku region which passes through UNESCO heritage site of Hiraizumi with ancient Dewa Kaido path alongside cherry trees, which heads towards mountains of Natagiritoge and finishes at the temple of Yamadera.

Here Japan tour operator helps to soothe aching bones by offering stay at a traditional ryokan.


           It is one day Refugio Frey hike very scenic in Bariloche.

The Argentina home walk passes through stunning views. If the route is taken for one day even then it’s unforgettable. A bus drops before reaching Villa Catedral, at the start of the wide well-marked path which goes from the Andes and passes through woods into soaring peaks. Camping can be done in-ground or at huts.


North Africa ‘s highest peak at 4,167 meters high is not for faint-hearted.

This path goes upwards from Imli, the dry river comes along through shrine at Sidi Chamharouch towards a mountain large hut. After sunset hikers set off to snowfield to the summit, this is where the Atlas mountains open up.

A local guide is provided for carrying luggage from and towards Marrakech.

              7.  GREAT WALL OF CHINA, JINSHANLING section!

              It’s a stressful experience as walkers and hikers are overcrowded .this tourist hotspot is totally unbearable. Jinshanling situated 87 miles northeast of Beijing offers a perfect chance to explore this true Chinese icon. The route to the wall at Simatai is closed but back and forth trip offers section which makes for a tough workout with amazing views. Beijing hotels arrange these tours.

8. dragon’s BACK, HONG KONG

This track is considered among the best hikes in hong KONG. Hong Kong is famous for narrow streets and skyscrapers but its hiking trails which is Dragon’s back is more tremendous. It is easily caught up by bus. It passes through sandy beaches. It has warm waters which are perfect for a relaxing dip.


It is 8 days round. Its walk is around 111 miles, it shows a wide variety of wild County Kery in Ireland’s southwest. It passes narrow roads which are called boreens, it passes along the cliff tops outside Dingle town, which reaches the edge of Mount Brandon, the highest peak on the Dingle Peninsula. It can cover distance around 10 days trip with the help of a guide. Don’t forget your gadgets for hiking.

10. To La Trek, Bhutan

             Its trails are tourists unspoiled and ripe for exploration.they are less famous and people have to explore them. It’s not very famous. this rises from 3500 to 4135 meters high. camps and a sense of relaxation sound another world.

11. Tahoe Rim Trail, United States

It unites two states California and Nevada. It is 165 miles stretched trail which was established in 1981 and famous as one of finest hiking trail in united states. This trip can be covered in 11 days with the best possible months between July and September.

12. Armenia and silk road

Armenia ‘s footpaths are best explored with natural landscapes. It is an 11 day trip with the best views and landscapes. Connecting between UNESCO protected monasteries of SInahan and Haghpat. Enjoy with gadgets.