4 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Fleets Safe

Fleet managers always work hard to enhance the safety of their staff, vehicles, and other road users, including cyclists. They know that no one is perfect and, therefore, despite how competent their drivers are. Everything has benefits and disadvantages. Those who keep cycling know that there are risks on the road, and they have to take a lot of care. For you to keep your fleet from harm’s way, you should follow these tips.

Help Staff Develop Practical Rest Plan

Hundreds of thousands of vehicle collisions occur every year due to the lack of appropriate rest-stop plans. Many drivers overwork to the extent that they quickly become drowsy while they are still behind the wheel. This causes several fatalities across the world. For you to avoid these unfortunate events, take the courage to teach your staff to plan breaks when appropriate.

Since some drivers are not able to do this without the help of a reliable system, you should consider adopting the use of various appropriate applications. They will help the drivers to accumulate portfolios of safe places where they can choose to break and take a rest. This way, you will be able to abide by the legal requirements of your government and stay safe as well.

Sometime, you may be forced to hire drivers who are willing to follow your requirements to rest after a particular time. There are some cases of people who try to cheat these apps. If you notice such dishonest tendencies, you should take the appropriate action immediately to develop the proper corporate culture.

Use Advanced Tracking Technology

In many cases, you will find that you need a camera to be able to coach your drivers to follow the right safety procedures. You can use dash cameras because they will give you the proper visibility that you need to identify the trends of behaviors of the drivers. This way, the managers can find high-risk drivers and devise the most appropriate interventions.

With the harsh events, you will not only be able to make your fleet safe but also save lots of money. The ability to identify problems and solve them in real-time means you can avoid mistakes before they become costly. Some companies have reported that since they started using the cameras, their auto-claims significantly went down.

Other than capturing different events, such as traffic accidents, you may also be able to get live alerts. When the drivers are over speeding or running through stop signs, you can get the exact image in time. But you can get more comprehensive, timely reports if you use electronic logging devices. For more on these advanced products, follow this think, http://www.geoted.org/eld-for-older-trucks/

Prepare Drivers for Bad Weather

Weather can make the life of your drivers unbearable if they do not have the skills to cope with the unprecedented changes. Given the fact that climate changes are becoming highly unpredictable in the present age, your drivers need  to know how they can manage diverse events that they  can experience, especially during a long-distance route.

Since there are so many trucks on the road, managers find it challenging to track weather changes for all their vehicles effectively. After teaching your drivers to prepare for these changes, you may also need to equip them with the right resources, including ELD devices, to help them make accurate predictions. 

Some managers also advise their drivers to pack emergency kits as well. You can do the same since you may need at least a gallon of water, a few days of non-perishable foods, first-aid supplies, a cell phone charger, and money at a time you do not think. Your kit should also include a knife, flashlight, chains, jumper cables, multi-purpose tools, and emergency flares. 

Train Drivers on Vehicle Maintenance Significance

Faulty brakes cause close to 5% of accidents on the road. As such, if fleet managers can train their staff on the essence of proper vehicle maintenance, many problems will not exist on the way. Some of the things that you can do include ensuring your drivers can manage oil changing as well as tire rotations. 

Another thing that you should do for both your ELD fleets and others is ensured all your drivers have fully completed their Driver Vehicle Inspection Report. Since paper records can be lost, you should make the swift to ELD devices. Through these tools, your drivers will be able to submit the required reports digitally and remotely upload images regarding vehicle maintenance. 

Bottom Line

As we have seen, there is no perfect way to ensure the road safety of your fleets. However, devices, such as ELDs, can help to make life much more comfortable, especially for ELD fleets and other road users. All you need to do once you have adopted the right technology is to train your drivers to follow safety precautions. So, if you successfully discourage distracted driving behavior, you will also increase road safety for all.