Flatland Circuit Tricks: Names and Explanations

(Volume 2)

There are a large number of tricks in flatland sports. Some are as follows:

  • “Cliffhanger”: A stirring “Endo” with one of the foot on the front bolts and the middle behind the seating place for an equilibrium point.
  • “Hang-Five”: Putting one of the foot on front bolts and dragging the edge up unless seat meets up contact and a party point is built up; a moving “Endo”. The foot, which is not on the bolt, is utilized as a balance.
  • “Hang-ten”: Just like “Hang-Five”, however with the two feet on front bolts.
  • “Hang-Nothing”: Likewise the “Hang-Five”, however devoid of one of the foot on the bolt. The two feet are utilized as an offset.
  • “Elbow-Glide”: Putting one of the foot on front bolts with one body side and the contrary elbow stick with the seat to manage the main point.
  • “Hitchhiker”: Leaning the bicycle totally advanced on the front tire while moving, standing with the two feet on front bolts; holding the bicycle before you, by the bottom of the back tire or holding a pivot bolt.
  • “Backpacker”: Linked to the “Hitchhiker”, yet with the body positioned ahead with the bicycle following the body.
  • “Surfer”: Putting one of the foot on a seat and other one foot on the handlebars’ crossbar while moving; prevalent in certain recordings and advertisements.
  • “Surfer”:  Similar to the “Surfer”, yet with just a single foot on the handlebars’ crossbar.
  • “Death-Truck”: Moving a back bolt tire and dragging the body above the handlebars; a standout amongst the most dreaded stunts in a flatland not in light of its complexity, but due to the potential twisted safeguard.
  • “Backwards Rubber Ride”: Just like a bar-ride in implementation, confronting the back of the bicycle and moving in reverse, but rider remains on the handlebars.
  • “Bar Hop”: While in a standing position on the pedals, the bike rider bounces up and over the handlebar crossbar while sticking their chest and the knees together. After finding your hindquarters on the crossbar, one can scrape the tire (front) to roll forward or roll towards back over the handlebars.
  • “Backyard”: A rubbing stunt performed by foot thrust and power on the wheels while confronting far from the casing on the back bolts.
  • “Generator “(additionally known as a “lard yard”): Just like the “Backyard”, however clutching one handle grip while scraping and further off the side and back while scraping around in a circle.
  • “Megaspin”: Twisting on the rare wheel in a roundabout movement.
  • “Pogos”: At a point rises up the front tire, after standing on the back bolts.
  • “Lawn-Mower or Can-Can Lawn-Mower”: “Do the Endo”, as the rare tire hit the floor, move the handlebars in the direction of you and jerk the seat downward with the correct foot. The “Can-Can Lawn-Mower” is the point at which you jerk the leg to the sideward as opposed to putting the leg on the seat.
  • “Flail,”: Do a “Rolling-Boomerang (previously mentioned it)”, and in the middle of it, put the one foot (mostly right) on the front bolt and the other foot on the back bolt, at that point turn over the bar and turn your body just about.
  • “Squeaker”: Put one of the feet (left one mostly) on the front bolt and the right foot on the pedal, hold the brake (front) and put your foot on the wheel. At the point when your foot falls off the wheel, push the brake (front).