Flatland Circuit Tricks: Names and Explanations

(Volume 1)


  • “Endo”: The first flatland stunt. It is being done by pointedly applying the brakes (front) at a lower speed or operating the front tire into a control making the back tire raise off the ground over the front tire. Another method to do a stunt of this type is by sticking both feet in a fork. It may also be used to pick up speed which helps in doing different stunts like the “Decade” or “Backside walk around”.
  • “Miami-Hopper”: The rider remains on pedals and handles the tip of the seat in hand (mostly right), and the brake (front) switch on the other hand. The rider rapidly applies the front-brake and all the while turns the handlebars to 90 degrees counter-clockwise directed towards the seat and raises up forcefully on a seat. This will make the back of the bicycle ascend and apparently toss over the front. Whenever landed successfully, the front-tire will set equivalent to the floor and the correct handlebar grasp will adjust on the floor leaving the rider roosted over the back tire. Then the rider can make different postures, kick the bicycle to side and put it down, or recline strongly and do the reverse stunt and then ride away simply.

Note:  Hands and handle bar angle would be turned around if this stunt was done by applying front brakes on right hand.

  • “Cherry Picker”: The rider puts a foot on the back tire behind the base section and then the other leg rolls over the head cylinder and puts the other one foot on the seat-tube. At that point, either utilizing the handle bars for steadiness or clipping the legs firmly, the rider skips here and there making the whole bicycle jump on the back tire.
  • “Boomerang”: The riders apply the front-brakes and hops from the pedal or back dropouts, while sticking the legs with chest and twists with the handle bars 360degree.

Note: This trick can also be managed without applying brakes, being called as Rolling-Boomerang. A variation of the Rolling-Boomerang exist, identified as the Stick-Man, with the rider forgetting the legs in a straight line and to the side while fastening the handle bars level with hips.

  • “Fork Glide”: The rider remains on the front-bolt and twists around 180 degrees. Then, riders can utilize their base on the tire to move along. This stunt is normally utilized as a beginning stage to different stunts.
  • “Steamroller”: While holding the seat, rider-forward fork-glide on the tire (front), rode with half a knot, for most of the part.
  • “Footjam Tailwhip”: The rider utilizes the front brakes to twist the edge 360degrees around while keeping one foot on the front wheel.
  • “Fire-Hydrant”: The rider plays out a fundamental Fork-Glide and after that rolls the casing back round.
  • “G-Turn”: Thumping the edge into a turning “Endo” with feet already on the pedals.
  • “Decade”: Raising the front tire up and hopping over the head cylinder and arriving with the left foot on the top cylinder to ride out.
  • “Backside Walk around”: The rider raises the front tire up while remaining on the back pivot pegs. Utilizing outside leg, the rider acquires that one leg in an intersection design in the middle of the bicycle and rider’s body. The rider at that point twists the leg around and over the head cylinder and spots that foot on seat-tube.

Note: Can be completed one-gave, with just the correct hand on the grasp and the other hand tossed out like a bull-rider.